Trust Objectives

GIRIRAJ SEVA TRUST is a charitable trust which was established in holy presence of  Shradhey Shri Radheshyam ji Shastri  in the year 2007, under provision of Indian Trust Act. The trust aims to work in India and abroad for the development of the humanity by performing various welfare activities.

Objectives of the Trust:

1) To create peace and to spread sense of brotherhood, love & harmony among various section of the societies.

2) To organize Kathas & other public awareness program in India & other countries of the world for 

3) To establish ashrams for organising and performing various welfare services such as Ann Daan, basic medical aid, homes for old age, sick and disabled, hari sankirtan etc, and to set up schools to provide education to poors & weak segments of society.

6) To publish magzines, journals and other publications on different subject & in different languages for the promotion of above aims & objects regarding religious growth.

7) To establish Dispensaries to provide basic medical help to poor and finacially challenged people

8) To distribute essential  things such as food, clothes, and other articles to poor and needy helpless persons for their respectable living and welfare.

9) To set up homes for old-age, sick, and disabled.